Large-scale tasks require bold decisions

In today's market, many metal trading companies, metal processing enterprises are entering a new level of development of their own business - the creation of their own modern production. It is impossible to build a competitive enterprise on outdated technologies, you need to start with the creation of production. After all, the world has become very small, and the consumer has become sharply demanding. You can offer him an actual product only if you have high-quality modern equipment and, of course, people who can handle this equipment. We help to quickly receive both.

How it works.

  1. You set the task.

  2. We solve it: we make calculations, prepare project documentation, carry out modernization of existing equipment, manufacture new machines and lines, perform commissioning and implementation of the technology, and train personnel.

  3. As a result, you get modern equipment and a working production that exactly meets the needs of the current moment and with a large "margin of safety" for the future.

What do we have.

We offer our customers highly productive solutions for rolling mills and processing lines, including design, equipment supply, commissioning, maintenance, as well as the development of project financing schemes.

Types of production:

  1. API Tube Mills, ERW Tube Mill,Stainless Steel Pipe Mill

  2. Metal Coil Slitting Line and Cutting Saw Line

  3. Galvanizing plant for Pipe and Steel parts

  4. The manufacture of metal parts

  5. Stainless steel pipe production

  6. Production of casting products

Choosing us as your supplier, you will receive:

  1. Meeting the needs of modern equipment, tools and equipment from leading manufacturers

  2. Professional technical support for all products offered

  3. High product quality

  4. Favorable prices

  5. Optimal delivery times

Company goal

Find and offer the most profitable solution to fulfill your production tasks of varying complexity. We achieve this through an individual approach, knowledge of the modern market and extensive experience in the field of metalworking. All this allows us to fulfill our obligations with high quality and on time.

We are focused on the professional provision of services and quality service in full for ALL of our customers. We value the cooperation with established well-established production facilities as well as with developing enterprises.

Наша компания — это команда квалифицированных специалистов, которые всегда с удовольствием проконсультируют вас по всем интересующим вопросам.

С нами вы перейдете на новый уровень в в организации промышленного производства!